“Here Is A Way To
Make Money That Has Never Yet Failed!” 


Dear Friend,

Just 4 years ago I was in your position.

I was desperate and broke. I tried running my own business. In fact I spent 4 months trying to create a living for myself online.

I eventually gave up. I had made $56.78 in 4 months of sweat and sometimes tears.

I thought I’d give up. Get a job as a postal worker, and instead of running a successful business I’d derive pleasure from my family or hobbies.

It seemed like a plan...

And so I eventually found myself walking to the mail depot around 4 miles from my home. I asked the lady at the desk for an application form, only to be told the jobs were so thin on the ground I’d be wasting my time.

Besides she told me, they’d run out of application forms that morning.

...I Couldn’t Even Get a Job As a Mailman!

That was it. I was sick and tired.

Life at that point sucked... I was getting tired of stealing food and bumming other people’s cigarettes and not having the rent money. It was no fun shinning down a drainpipe to ensure I avoid meeting my landlady in the hall.

I started working on a system for making money.

I had done this before, but there was a distinct difference. You’ see this time I was 3 months late on my rent, another 8 days and it was to become 4.

My then girlfriend (now wife) was pregnant and expecting the baby within 3 months.

I started thinking. I called this “Gun to Head” thinking, because that’s almost literally what it was.

If I couldn’t come up with the money we’d be thrown out, and the first glimpse my daughter would have of this world would be in “comfortable poverty”.

I left my morals on the wayside for this one...

Because what I came up with involved...


It wasn’t illegal. You’ see I wasn’t stealing anything of physical value.

I was “stealing” other people’s online incomes. In fact I was halfway to Robin Hood. I’d steal from the rich, but I hadn’t got round to giving to the poor.

My methods involved a discovery of how I could accurately estimate the revenue a website was generating, to within $200.

I’d then “Steal” there idea. I’d recreate their website, and all I needed to invest was around $20 in each of “my ideas”.

Within months I was almost earning too much money. I was averaging $256 per day in income.

Take a look at my house and cars:

Above: Me and my 2 cars, notice the Forex Enterprise sign!

Now putting that picture above may seem braggadocios, but I think it’s necessary.

And the point is to show you that I am not a fake or a phony. I started with nothing and now make $4256.37 on average every day.

I’m not guaranteeing you that kind of success. But by following my exact system, even if you earn 2% of what I managed. That’s $85.12 every day.

And I’m certainly not any cleverer than you. Mr Armstrong from Hampton high school would tell you that.

Now, I realise that the picture above is not enough proof that I am rich. Hell let’s be honest, I could have hired that car for under $200, and taken a picture outside a rich friend’s house.

But I didn’t and so here is the ultimate proof.

You’ll see many sites promising to teach you how to make money. But never will you see what I am about to show you.

Because I’m about to log into my own PayPal accounts. I’m about to log into my own credit card merchant account. All live on video.

I’ll show you undeniable proof that I truly earn $4256.37 (give or take $1000) everyday, which by the way... works out at $177.34 per hour and close to $1600 while I sleep!

It would be almost impossible for me to falsify what you are about to witness:


Have you ever seen proof like that before?

Or how about this. My story was featured in the local Newspaper Business Magazine; check out this cutting promoting the article:

So, what does this “system” involve?

Well one night I was bored watching TV, I sat and wrote on a piece of paper the things I consider to be critically important for a website to be immensely profitable.

FYI: When I say “immensely profitable” – I mean earning over $80/day on Autopilot.

Now, would you believe it I came up with only four things – and all so simple an 8 year old could master them in less than 30 minutes.

All you need is a little investment money, as little as $20 – And if you follow these 4 simple rules (strictly!) then...

You Can Take Part in a Money Making System

That Has Never Yet Failed!

Now let’s talk about what this system requires:

It doesn’t require “education”. I’m a high school graduate.

It doesn’t require “capital”. When I started out I was so deep in debt, my bank manager advised bankruptcy as the only way out. He was wrong.

It doesn’t require “luck”. I’ve had more than my fair share, although there is not one person who has put my system into practice and failed.

It doesn’t require “talent”. Just enough brains to follow 4 simple rules.

It doesn’t require you to live in a certain country. Some of my members are making money from Europe, Others from Africa or Asia.

What does it require? Belief. Enough to take a chance. Enough to learn the 4 simple rules. Enough to copy my system. If you do just that – no more, no less – Your bank account will “fatten” at an incredible rate.

The bottom line is that the internet is neither prejudice, nor racist, nor sexist – No matter who you are... if you can follow 4 rules you can make almost too much money.

Now I know that you’re probably very sceptical. After all everything I’ve said goes against you’ve been told. By your parents, your friends, your teachers and your colleagues.

But let me ask you this.

How many of them are millionaires?

Now, I don’t want you to take my word on all of this. My system has helped many thousands of people to make hundreds of dollars each day... In fact I have never received an email from someone who has truly tried putting the 4 rules into practice and failed.

Below are just a few examples of the people my system has helped. These are “real” people, just like you...


I made $1,235 my first week!

Lucas Pisano

I made $657 this week!

Asdhgasdui Adskfughiau

It's like having a Masters degree in Internet marketing!


WOW! Nick, Unbelievable Information. It's like having a Masters degree in Internet marketing! If anyone can't make money on line with this information Its because they just do not have that burning desire. Following your system in the step by step order you have laid out....Its impossible not to succeed. Thanks for the opportunity.

Glendell C Smith

The best program to get yourself the kind of money you've been dreaming about!


After looking for month's and month's for a legitimate internet business, I finally found a home at Forex Enterprises. The product is easy to understand and use. This system is by far the best program to get yourself the kind of money you've been dreaming about! Do it today!!!!!!!!

Robert McCain

I finally got with the right business!


Hello, Todd P. here. I would like to tell you all that after almost two years of struggling to make a dime online I finally got with the right business! The Forex system is easy to understand and the affiliate website, great cust. service and excellent tips and "how to's" has really got me on track . Thank You Nick Marks for not letting me give up! Sincerely

Todd Poffenbarger

Recommend it to anyone with doubts about joining it!


I am very pleased to be a part of this program after trying and failing so many others out there. This program is great and I'll recommend it to anyone with doubts about joining it!

Keith Williams

Step-by-step gameplan towards financial freedom!


This is worth the money! Nick's information is honest, easy to follow, a step-by-step gameplan towards financial freedom! Just what I have wasted hundreds of dolars searching for! Thanks Again Nick!


I can't wait to fire my boss!!!


I have just purchased your products and feel that I will be very successful with them. I have barley any start up money but will defiantly be investing as much as possible as soon as possible to create multiple streams of income. Seems great I can't wait to fire my boss!!!

Sheri Cachia

Much better understanding of how to profit...


I am confident that after reading your Multiple Streams of Income I will have a much better understanding of how to profit from from home based businesses.

Dawn Rivera

I made my first sale, within two hours, while sleeping!


Being new to internet marketing and practically computer illiterate, I decided to purchase your multiple streams of income system and take advantage of your free website offer. Boy am I glad I did! After the web site set-up (very easy), I just simply followed the getting started guide and then went to take a nap. I made my first sale, within two hours, while sleeping! I can't wait to see how my other streams of income are working. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!

Jeanie Drury


Although there are a few criteria you must meet to in order to join.

For starters you must not be the typical “Opportunity Seeker”. So far not one person whom has strictly put my 4 rules into practice has failed.

And to be quite honest, I don’t want this broken.

So if you are simply an opportunity seeker about to join this system and not use the 4 rules. Only to “swan off” to your next venture... Please DO NOT join.

In addition if you have to scrape this money together. If the small joining fee will prevent you from feeding your family tonight... Again please DO NOT join.

Will my Forex Enterprise system help you? Will these 4 simple rules allow you to earn $80+ per day? Here's how you can find out without risking a single penny...

...Try The “Forex Enterprise” System
Absolutely FREE For 8 weeks!

Listen, there is a lot of stuff on the internet which promises you extraordinary incomes.

And some, I’d say 5% of these do work. I’ve certainly found a few nuggets in my time online.

Although, let’s make no bones about it – The vast majority don’t.

So I thought. How can I prove to you that this system works? What is the best way to alleviate people’s fear of losing their investment?

I thought about this for a few hours, and here is what I came up with.

Test the Forex Enterprise system 100% risk free for 8 weeks.. And if you haven’t at the least earned your $49 back... Then your money will be refunded. No questions asked.

This way...

You Will Have Lost Nothing!

Which means... Whatever the Outcome...

You WILL Profit!

Oh and by the way...

My little company, MarksEnterprise.com, Inc. is located at 2390 Crenshaw Blvd #257 Torrance. My ZIP Code is 90501. My office phone number is 1-866-928-6085. You can call my office any time Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

And if you are ever in our area, we'd love for you to visit and we'll be happy to talk to you about the system (an appointment is required). Just make sure you don't come by between 12 noon and 1:00 p.m. because that's when we close up shop for lunch.

...Want to Try "Forex Enterprise" Risk Free?

All you have to do is click the "Enroll" button below. And "Pay" using your credit card... But remember you've got 8 weeks to evaluate this system, with my risk free trial.

From what I have described above. You have 8 weeks in which time you can test this system 100% risk free.. And during those 8 weeks, you’ll be able to put what I have described into practice.

If you don’t start earning at least your investment back, then I insist you email me for a refund. (Contact page at the bottom).

Which means, if I’m wrong about all of this... You’ve lost just a few minutes of your time. But what If I’m right....

HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime.
(128 Bit encrypted, Secure server)

Here's To Your Massive Success,
Nick Marks -

Nick Marks

P.S: There is absolutely no reason for you to leave this page empty handed. As explained above, you have 8 weeks to join without risking a penny. If at any time during those 8 weeks you would like a refund please email me. No questions will be asked, you'll simply a receive a confirmation the refund has been processed. Even if you do decide to claim a refund... I'll let you stay as a Forex Enterprise member. Which means however this pans out... You Will Profit! CLICK HERE TO ENROLL NOW

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