Attention Skinny Guys who can?t build muscle or gain weight no matter how hard they try. Take just five minutes to read this entire page and you?ll discover?

Why 95% of All Hardgainers are DEAD WRONG in How They Train for Massive Muscle Growth?

And How You Can Easily Avoid These Devastating Mistakes
and Instantly Force Your Body to Pack on Thick Slabs of
Rock Hard Muscle as Fast as Humanly Possible

By Jason Ferruggia

Let?s face it, you?re sick and tired of busting your ass in the gym with nothing to show for it. And you?re finally ready to discover the real truth about how to build muscle and gain weight so fast you?ll scare your friends and have them all accusing you of ?being on the juice,? even though you are 100% natural and drug free.

In just a few minutes you?ll learn the secret methods that I have used to achieve lightning fast muscle gain in more than 700 athletes from over 120 NCAA, NFL, NHL, and MLB organizations; Hollywood stars and armed forces members, and thousands of regular guys just like you.

But before I share this information I should tell you the bad news. Without knowing you personally, I can guarantee, without hesitation that?

The Way You Are Training Right Now Is Robbing Your
 Body of 90% of the Muscle Gains You Should be Making

The good news is that you don?t give up hope just yet. By avoiding these commonly seen, Top 5 Muscle Building Program Mistakes you can instantly reverse your fortune and start growing like a weed today?

Muscle Building Mistake #1:
Training Like a Professional Bodybuilder

Following the advice of pro bodybuilders who use close to $100,000 per year worth of steroids and have better muscle building genetics than 99.9% of the rest of us is the worst thing you could possibly do.

Pro bodybuilders do workouts that could kill the average guy. The amount of sets and reps they do and the number of days per week that they train amounts to far more volume than most of us could ever hope to recover from.

That?s because steroids drastically enhance your ability to recover from training and when you?re using them by the boatload you can do everything wrong and still gain muscle.

If you?re not amongst the genetic elite and aren?t using steroids you don?t have the luxury of unlimited recovery ability. You need to make the most out of every set and rep you do. You need to get in and out of the gym as quickly as possible so you can start the recovery process and start growing.

You don?t build muscle while you are training; you build muscle while you are recovering. And if you are constantly in a state of overtraining from doing more than your body can handle you will never be able to recover and thus never experience significant muscle growth.

Muscle Building Mistake #2:
Not Maximizing Your Body?s Natural Testosterone Production

The feminization of today?s man is getting out of control and becoming an epidemic.

Did you know that men today have an average testosterone level that is 50% lower than males from 50 years ago?

And it?s continually getting worse. This is due to countless factors too numerous to list here but needless to say this is a major epidemic and we need to do something about it immediately!

If you want to grow like the bodybuilders who are juiced to the gills on steroids and become the real alpha male type that drives women crazy, you have to turn yourself into a natural testosterone and growth-hormone producing machine.

One way to do this is to focus on using exercises with a high level of neuromuscular activation, which have been scientifically proven to trigger testosterone production.

Next, you have to be sure you never exceed 45 minutes during your workouts. Beyond that point, testosterone levels plummet and cortisol levels rise. Cortisol is the stress hormone that eats muscle tissue and increases body-fat storage; so obviously that is something you want to avoid at all costs.

You should also know that if you are eating the wrong foods at the wrong time you may be in for a devastating hormone crash that will cause rapid loses in muscle mass and the unwanted accumulation of body fat.

In fact, many of the foods you are consuming on a daily basis are pumping your body full of estrogen and slowly turning you into a weak, soft, girly man of the first degree. Unless you eliminate these foods from your diet right now you will never have a ripped muscular physique and might even be getting fitted for a bra (or Mansierrre to Seinfeld fans) sooner than later.

Muscle Building Mistake #3:
Not Cycling Your Workouts Properly

Some experts claim that training volume is the most important factor for muscle growth. Others say that it?s intensity. And yet a third group says that training frequency is the number one consideration.

So who is right?

They all are? to an extent.

The Secret to Achieving Rapid Muscle Growth Without
 Plateaus is to Combine These Three Scientific Components into
One Synergistic Muscle Building System

Through many years of painstaking research I have discovered a very unique way to combine these factors into a carefully planned muscle building program that will help you avoid both overtraining and undertraining, and assure that you always remain in the optimal training zone.

When I first employed this system I was utterly astounded at the results. All of my gym members, myself included, started building muscle faster than ever before.

If you want to experience explosive and limitless muscle growth you must capitalize on these findings and begin to plan your workouts in this precise manner ASAP!

Muscle Building Mistake #4:
Wasting Your Money on Expensive, Worthless Supplements

When I was younger and trying to get as big as possible I was forever trying every new miracle pill that came out. Over the course of several years I wasted close to $60,000.00 on so called muscle building supplements like:

  • Glutamine
  • Growth Hormone Boosters
  • HMB
  • Vanadyl Sulfate
  • Ribose 
  • Methoxy
  • Pro Hormones
  • Amino Acid Pills
  • Creatine Booster Formulas
  • Weight Gain Powders

And too many others to count?

I routinely took all of the pills that I was told to, handful after handful. And I choked down all the mixtures and drinks that would supposedly give me the physique I was after? but none of it ever did a damn thing to help me build muscle and gain weight.

Eventually I got incredibly sick from the supplements I was using and ended up in the hospital on more than one occasion. I have Utah Senator Orrin Hatch to thank for that as he is the one who chose not to regulate the supplement industry so that companies can put anything they want in the bottle without FDA approval!

Many of you are probably using some of those products right now and flushing your money down the toilet while you wait for the gains that never seem to come. 

The honest, no BS truth is this?

97% of the Bodybuilding Supplements on the
Market Today Are Completely Useless!

Not only that, but all of those supplements you are taking might actually be robbing your body of precious muscle growth. In fact they can actually:

  • Damage your health
  • Lower your testosterone production
  • Elevate your estrogen levels
  • Reduce your thyroid output
  • Burn out your adrenal glands

The owners of these supplement companies are blatantly lying to you. They don?t care about you and are only out to scam you out of your hard earned money.

If there is one thing I hope you get from reading this report, it is the fact that you don?t need to ever waste another cent on these utterly useless, potentially dangerous supplements ever again.

Muscle Building Mistake #5:
Using the ?Muscle Confusion Principle? and Not Having a Plan

Back in the 80?s the Muscle Confusion Principle was popular amongst a great deal of bodybuilders. They advised that in order to ?keep your muscles guessing? and to prevent your body from ever adapting to your workouts you should do something completely different every time you entered the gym. This would supposedly prevent stagnation and put you on the path to incredible muscle growth.

Unfortunately, training like this leads you absolutely nowhere but to disappointment and frustration.

Simply going to the gym and doing whatever you feel like doing on that particular day, like so many people do, is the worst approach to building muscle that you could possibly take.

In order to achieve earth shattering rates of muscle growth you must follow a scientifically mapped out plan which allows you to make progress at each and every workout and can be easily tracked on a daily basis.

Avoiding these five mistakes is a great start but it?s just the tip of the iceberg. If you give me just a few more minutes of your time I will show you?

How to Launch a No-Holds-Barred Assault on
Your Muscle Fibers, Forcing Them to Explode with New
While Spending Less Than Half the Time in the Gym

Jason Ferruggia PicMy name is Jason Ferruggia and unlike so many armchair experts and ?internet gurus? out there today, I am actually a real, world renowned professional strength & conditioning coach, trainer, lecturer and consultant.

You may have seen me featured in any number of magazines such as Men?s Fitness, Men?s Health or Maximum Fitness, heard me on radio stations such as CBS and ESPN or even seen me on TV stations like ABC and Fox.

More important than all that is the fact that I was once just like you; and was in a desperate search for the answers to my muscle building woes. I am a hardgainer and wasn?t blessed with great genetics for building muscle. In fact, gaining weight used to be next to impossible for me.

Growing up, I was always the weakest, skinniest kid around. I constantly got made fun of and bullied by the bigger kids, was always picked last in gym class and couldn?t get a girl if my life depended on it.

When I first started training, I took advice from bodybuilders and a steroid using pro wrestler who was dating my cousin at the time. I busted my ass in the gym and worked out for two hours a day, six days a week. After five consecutive years of brutal workouts I graduated high school weighing a scrawny, pathetic looking 147 pounds at six feet tall!

I was so embarrassed by my puny physique that I kept my shirt on all summer long, even at the beach and at pool parties. High school and college kids can be very cruel and the last thing I wanted was to be ridiculed everywhere I went so I hid behind baggy clothes and several layers.

I tried every training system under the sun from Powerfactor Training to Super Slow to German Volume. In college I decided to major in exercise science and study everything I could get my hands on in order to learn how to build muscle fast and change my life for the better.

I got one personal training certification after another and even traveled all around the country to attend seminars and intern with some of the greatest trainers and strength coaches in the business? but still I got nowhere. After all that time, money and effort, I was still embarrassingly skinny and weak. 

All the while I was ignoring one very important fact. That is the fact that I am a ?hardgainer.?

A hardgainer is someone who is naturally skinny, has poor genetics for building muscle and has a very hard time gaining weight.

The harsh realization I finally came to was that the majority of training information available to skinny guys like us who don?t want to use steroids is utterly worthless. The fact of the matter is?

What Works For Everyone Else DOES NOT
Work For Skinny Guys Like Us

I can say that without hesitation because I was once doing the same exact thing and making all of the same mistakes that you are right now. But it?s not your fault. You have fallen prey to the same trap that I did. I listened to the pro bodybuilders and the magazines and the so called gurus but never got anywhere.

Most of what you read in the large majority of muscle mags is aimed at the guy who either has great muscle building genetics or is using steroids. All of the top bodybuilders you see in the magazines are all using upwards of $100,000 year worth of muscle building drugs. And the workouts are purposely written to overtrain you so that you get fed up and eventually feel like you need to buy their supplements. In fact, every major muscle magazine owns a supplement company.

Muscle Media owns EAS.

IronMan owns Muscle-Linc.

Muscle & Fitness and Flex own Weider.

Muscle Mag International owns Muscle Tech.

Muscular Development owns Twinlab.

Shocking, right? It?s quite a disgusting web of lies that thousands of guys fall prey to on a regular basis.

Eventually I decided to take matters into my own hands and started spending countless hours in the university library reading every study ever conducted on building muscle and gaining weight. I took stacks and stacks of research home with me every night and read over 300 books on the subject of building muscle. For many months I got nowhere, until that one day when?

I Accidentally Stumbled Upon the Hidden Research that
Finally Revealed the Secrets of Unstoppable Muscle Growth

What I discovered that day in the university library utterly blew me away and went against everything I had ever learned about building muscle and strength.

Beyond intrigued, I immediately applied these findings to my own workouts. After many years of frustration and disappointment, I finally began to pack on muscle so fast it was scary.

Within the first month I went from 155 to 177 pounds! I gained more muscle in four weeks than I had in the previous four years! Everyone thought I was on steroids, even though I could barely afford my gym membership, let alone thousands of dollars worth of dangerous drugs.

I thought it might be a fluke so I tried these methods out on some of my friends and training partners. They too, started growing out of their skin like they were some kind of mutant freaks.

Eventually I opened my own private training facility in New Jersey and the word of my amazing new muscle building system spread rapidly. Before I knew it my training business was booming and I was training and experimenting on hundreds of clients for up to 12 hours per day, six days a week, year after year!

Over the last 15 years I have continued to improve upon my mass gaining methods with every new client that walks in the door, and without fail every single one of them experiences faster rates of muscle growth than most people ever thought possible.

And after years of frustration and disappointment,  even I eventually overcame the worlds worst muscle building genetics to take my bodyweight from 147 pounds all the way up to a rock solid 231 pounds, drug free!

Jason Ferruggia Before and After Pic

After 15 years of intense research and in-the-trenches experience with thousands of human guinea pigs, I am finally ready to reveal the secrets to building insane amounts of muscular size and strength at break neck speed, in even the skinniest of hardgainers.

What Makes This Revolutionary Muscle Building
Program So Exciting is that it Allows You to:

Spend Less Than Three Hours Per Week in the Gym- With my incredibly time efficient methods specifically designed for lighting fast muscle gain, you?ll get twice the results in half the time! 
Magazine Covers
Build Muscle Without Dangerous Steroids- When you discover how to train ?on the edge,? use scientifically advanced Eastern Bloc restoration methods, and exactly what foods to eat at exactly the right times, you can achieve steroid like results without ever coming near a syringe.
Build Muscle Without Expensive Supplements- Most of the supplements on the market today are completely useless! And they might actually be robbing your body of precious muscle growth and damaging your health. The owners of these companies are blatantly lying to you and no one has done anything to stop them?until now.  I?m about to expose these crooks and save you thousands of dollars per year!
Overcome Even the Worst Muscle Building Genetics- Thousands of painfully skinny hardgainers who ?couldn't gain an ounce no matter what they tried,? have routinely gained 20-30 pounds of muscle in just a few short months using this breakthrough program. And trust me; no one has worse muscle building genetics than I do.
Maximize Your Body?s Own Natural Testosterone and Growth Hormone Production- By avoiding the deadly mistakes most guys make and strictly adhering to the ?laws of natural hormonal manipulation,? you can create your own fountain of youth and flood your body with testosterone and growth hormone, 24/7. This will not only add slabs of prime beef to your frame but also give you boundless energy and a ravenous sex drive.

It doesn?t matter if you have tried every other muscle building system there is; this works every time. I guarantee it and I?ve got the results to prove it.

?Gained 26 Pounds & Got Absolutely Ripped?

Kyle Matthews BeforeKyle Matthews After?Jason, I can?t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. My entire life has moved on to the next level and I feel like I owe it all to you. You've provided me with so much determination it can't be expressed in words.

I gained over 20 pounds of muscle and lost an equal amount of body-fat using your system. Thanks again!?
Kyle Matthews

"Thank You Ain't Enough - Lost 14lbs of Body-Fat"

Christian BeforeChristian After?Stumbling upon Muscle Gaining Secrets was like the answer to everything. I have complete faith in your training philosophies and feel that the words "thank you" ain't enough.So far I have lost 14 pounds of body fat while gaining muscle and strength.

Thank you again."

Christian Byslma

"Gained 19lbs of Mass & Lost 24lbs of Body-Fat"

Adam Harper BeforeAdam Harper After?With MGS, I was able to simultaneously gain muscle and lose 24 pounds of fat. Your muscle building program has totally changed how I think about training and has forever changed my life for the better.

Thanks for everything Jason."

Adam Harper

"Increased Bench 67% and Gained 16lbs in 3 Months"

Ed BeforeEd After?Its been 3 months of hard work following Jason's program! I gained 16 lbs and changed my bench press from 79lbs to 132lbs. I still need to work on this, but its a good progress. And Jason's program really works perfectly for me!

Thanks Jason!"


"Gained 30lbs of Muscle & Got Down to 6% Bodyfat!"

Jason VanHeulen BeforeJason VanHeulen After?I have always been athletic, but I could never really pack on serious size until I stumbled across Jason?s methods and his incredible weight gaining workouts. With MGS I put on nearly 30 pounds of muscle and got down to 6% bodyfat!?

Jason VanHeulen CSCS, CPT
jvanheulen [at]


The Most Effective Muscle Building System
Ever Created for Skinny Guys and Hardgainers

Muscle Gaining Secrets is a mass building crash course that is unlike anything you have ever seen or tried before. It was created specifically for you; the hardgainer who has struggled to gain weight for his entire life. It specifically addresses the precise needs of skinny guys like us, who have hyper-sensitive central nervous systems and lightning fast metabolisms. And it finally allows you to overcome those obstacles and start packing on thick slabs of muscle faster than half the bozo?s on juice.

It makes no difference how many times you have tried and failed before or how horrible your muscle building genetics may be. All of the answers you have been looking for are right here.

No more keeping your shirt on at the beach or pool parties. You can finally develop the kind of self confidence that shows in every thing you do and will help you in every facet of your life.

Just Take a Look at What You Get in this Complete,
Step By Step Muscle Building Program ?

The entire Muscle Gaining Secrets System includes:

Muscle Gaining Secrets BookThe ?Muscle Gaining Secrets? Master Manual!

The Hardgainers Guide to Explosive Muscle Growth to The Hardgainers Guide to Getting Big & Ripped

Written in a straight forward, easy to understand manner, Muscle Gaining Secrets provides the road map to success which can instantly be applied by anyone.

There are no overly complicated scientific formulas or insider jargon that requires a degree in advanced physiology to understand. No nonsense, no filler, no fluff; just the hard hitting, scientific truth about how to pack on colossal amounts of muscle at warp speed? without steroids.

Here?s a Sample of What You?ll Discover?

  • The #1 most important principle of fast muscle gain that is actually overlooked in 99% of all programs. Don?t even think of picking up a weight unless you know this.

  • The 7 Critical Muscle Building Factors

  • The killer combination that absolutely must be a part of every workout if you ever hope to build shocking amounts of muscle.

  • The top 10 things you must do to recover faster between workouts if you want to build the size and strength of a genetic mutant.

  • The one thing that you are doing right now and must stop immediately that has been proven to weaken your immune system, destroy your joints, eat muscle tissue and increase body-fat storage!

  • Is getting a pump necessary to build muscle?

  • Why most types of cardio are completely useless and utterly destructive to your physique goals and how you can get far better results in only ten minutes per day.

  • A little known technique that has been shown in studies to increase muscle growth by as much as 269%! (And it has nothing to do with lifting weights or nutrition)

  • The one widely accepted rule of weight training that is actually 100% ass backwards and why following this rule will stop your gains dead in their tracks.

  • What 3% of supplements actually work and can make a huge difference in your training!

  • How to trigger the ?grow-or-die? mechanism and leave your body no choice but pack on slabs of new muscle tissue.

  • The hidden truth about how to tame the deadly hormones circulating through your body that destroy muscle tissue and increase body-fat storage.

  • And much more...

What About Muscle Building Workouts?

Of course this is the essential piece to the puzzle and I have put it all together for you in one simple to follow, step-by-step plan.

Nothing is left to guesswork or chance. It?s all laid out for you in full detail with exercise descriptions and exact sets, reps and rest periods. It?s like having me right there at the gym with you.

And since I didn?t want to leave anyone out I have included not one, not two, but THREE different muscle building workout programs.

Whether you?re a raw beginner, intermediate or advanced lifter; there?s a program here for you.

I even included a very special section on how to modify the workouts for females if you want to train with your wife or girlfriend.

Maximum Mass BookMGS Maximum Mass in Minimum Time Workout Guide

The Key to Explosively Fast Muscle Gain?in Just 45 Minutes or Less?3 Days a Week!

This is the exact program guide that thousands of former skinny guys and hardgainers have used to gain 27 pounds of rock hard muscle in just 90 days.

Here?s a Sample of What You?ll Discover?

  • No gym membership? No problem! Workouts you can do at home or the gym. No fancy equipment whatsoever required.

  • The exact number of reps needed to build to build muscle fast. If you are training outside of this precise range you are missing out on a ton of growth.

  • The underground biceps and triceps exercise that will build guns so big you need a weapons permit to carry them.

  • How many sets should you do per exercise? per workout?per week? The answers are all here and will leave you utterly shocked.

  • How a simple adjustment to your rep speed could be responsible for an extra 13lbs of muscle this year.

  • The forgotten, old-school exercise that rapidly builds bowling ball shoulders and monstrous traps that will intimidate everyone in your path.

  • Why crunches and sit ups are the worst things you could do if you want a ripped, muscular six pack.

  • The science of rest intervals. Why how long you rest between sets can be the difference between becoming a muscular stud or a skinny dud.

  • My secret 16 minute fat melting workout that actually helps you build muscle while getting shredded to the bone at the same time!

  • What unique chest exercises are actually 200% more effective than the bench press when it comes to building massive pecs? and 10 times safer.

  • Printable workout sheets and training logs to bring to the gym with you to record and track your progress.

And What About Muscle Building Nutrition?

Because eating is half the battle when it comes to gaining serious mass, I have collaborated with Dr. Chris Mohr (world famous nutritionist and consultant to numerous pro athletes and stars such as LL Cool J) to provide you with a fully detailed mass gaining nutrition guide and NINE different muscle building meal plans starting at 2,000 calories, going all the way up to 6,000 calories.

Muscle Building Meal Plans LayoutMGS Muscle Building Meal Plans

Gain Mass, Burn Fat, Increase Your Energy and Improve Recovery Time with This Advanced Nutrition Guide

No more guessing, weighing food or confusing calorie calculations. It?s all here for you in simple to follow, print and go meal plans.

Here?s a Sample of What You?ll Discover?

  • An exact, easy to use formula to determine precisely how much, protein, carbs, fat and total calories you need to build muscle.

  • The top 10 nutrition rules for fast muscle gain that you can?t afford to break.

  • The magic snack food that will help build muscle, burn fat and improve your libido all at the same time!

  • The most important times of day to eat to gain maximum muscle growth.

  • What food combination, taken in the precise ratios, can literally double your rate of muscle growth when consumed during this very critical two hour window.

  • What super-foods can delay the aging process and turbocharge your sex drive!

  • My cutting edge ?rotation diet? that allows you to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously; something that was previously impossible.

  • How sodium can actually be used to boost energy levels and give your physique a rock hard, razor sharp look? if you know exactly how to use it.

  • Simple to follow, printable diet sheets with fully detailed meal plans

  • And much more...

By Using This System You WILL Build Button
Popping Pecs, Sleeve Ripping Arms and Rock
Hard Abs, in 12 Weeks or Less?Guaranteed!

But you don?t have to take my word for it. Just listen to what some more of our satisfied customers are saying?

"Tried Everything to Gain Weight & Couldn't But Finally
Gained 24 Pounds with Muscle Gaining Secrets"

Joey Scott
?With Jason?s system I gained 24 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks. I tried for years to gain weight and used every muscle building workout I could find but nothing worked. That was until I found Jay and his mind blowing training methods."
Joey Scott
Oakland A's

"Packed on 18 Pounds of Muscle and Dominated the Competition"

Jay Frank
"I gained 18 pounds of muscle, got noticeably leaner and faster and increased my bench press by 35 pounds in eight weeks using Jason?s muscle building program.?
Jay Frank
Linebacker, Northeastern University

"41 Year OId Gained 20 Pounds & Increased Bench Press by 125"

Mark Crook
"I started using Jason?s muscle building secrets shortly after my 41st birthday and am happy to report that I gained 20 pounds of muscle in my first few months, got leaner and increased my bench press by 125 pounds!"
Mark Crook
Bridgewater, New Jersey

?Bigger, Stronger and Leaner Than Ever?

Craig Ballantyne"Jason Ferruggia truly is relentless when it comes to putting together the ultimate muscle building system. He is the coach that finally got me to smarten up and train right. As a result, I'm bigger, stronger, less tired and less beat up between workouts. This is the only muscle building program out there that will give you the results you've been after forever. Get it, or get left behind again, just like you were last year."
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
Strength Coach, Toronto, Canada

"Increased Muscle Mass by 56 Pounds and Benched 440!"

Chris Carey
"Before Jason I spent thousands of dollars working with many so called "experts," trying to learn how to gain weight but none of them provided me with the results he has. While using his mass gaining system my weight went from 194 to 250, my squat has gone up to 560 pounds, I benched 440 and set the school record in the hang clean at 375 pounds."
Chris Carey
Former Team Captain, Columbia University Football

"Lost 30 Pounds of Body-Fat, Gained Muscle
and Got in Mind Blowing Shape"

Chris Noonan"After an injury I was 30 pounds overweight and pathetically weak. I needed to lose body fat and gain muscle fast. Thanks to Jason?s training I was able to completely transform my physique in just 12 weeks. My strength also skyrocketed and I dead lifted 525 lbs at the end of my last off season."
Chris Noonan
St Louis Cardinals

"If You Are Using Any Other
Program You Are Wasting Your Time"

Danny Vega
"Jason Ferruggia has been a big influence on me and my career in the fitness industry. His training methods have helped me build massive amounts of muscular size and strength and his training knowledge is second to none. He has completely outdone himself with Muscle Gaining Secrets. If you are using any other mass building training program you are wasting your time."
Danny Vega, CSCS

"Pro Baseball Player Gained 19 Pounds of
Muscle & Lost 11 Pounds of Fat"

Ray Navarrete

"Jay's muscle building workout system helped me pack on 19 lbs, lose 11 lbs of body fat and get stronger and faster than I had ever been in my entire career.?
Ray Navarrete
New York Mets

"Gained 33 Pounds & Got a Scholarship"

Jeff D'Annunzio

"Using Jason?s muscle building program helped me gain 33 lbs of muscle and unbelievable strength. Thanks to his workouts I got a scholarship to the college of my choice and made the baseball team as a starter during my freshman year."
Jeff D'Annunzio
Catholic University Baseball

"All the Answers You Have Been Looking For"

Jimmy Lamour"Muscle gaining secrets is by far one of the most complete mass building programs I have ever seen. It takes you through everything from what to eat to how to lift in order to make mind blowing results. I would recommend this program to anyone that is serious about packing on some serious muscle. Unfortunately I didn't take a before picture but do have an after picture to share."
Jimmy Lamour
Greensboro, NC

These Are Regular Guys Just Like You Who Transformed Their Bodies and Changed Their Lives? And Now You Can Too

For less than the cost of?

  • A single bottle of the latest miracle supplement
  • One session with a clueless personal trainer
  • Or even a one month membership to one of those fancy hi-tech fitness centers?
You can finally stop wasting your precious time and hard earned money and start building muscle and gaining weight faster than ever before.

No more hiding behind baggy clothes and being embarrassed by your skinny physique.

It's your time to feel what it's like to turn heads and command respect with your muscular new body.

You can finally be the one that all the guys want to be and the girls want to be with.

The self confidence... the respect... the girls...It's all yours for the taking.

Why I Decided To Reveal This Information
to the Public for the Very First Time

For years the only way to get a hold of this information was to be one of my private clients who paid me $250 per session and nicknamed me their ?secret weapon? for my ability to transform their bodies faster than anyone else. The other option was to enroll in my 12 week online coaching program for $1,050.00? and that usually had a six month waiting list.

My training and consulting business is currently bursting at the seams and I can?t possibly take on another new client. Even my assistant trainers and coaches are booked ?round the clock.

With all the time I spend training, consulting and traveling I am very limited in the amount of people I can reach with this ground breaking information. I can?t stand to see guys go through all the hardships I did and constantly waste all their time and money on useless training systems.

That is why I decided to finally compile all of this information in one instantly downloadable system that anyone can order from any part of the planet at any time; day or night, and begin using immediately. This is the only way I can reach more people and share this incredible information with the rest of the world.

Order Today and You Will Also Receive
the Following 5 FREE Bonuses (Valued at $623.86):

Free Bonus #1: MGS Exercise Database: Detailed pictures and descriptions of the top 100 muscle building exercises, with cutting edge, never before seen performance tips and tricks that I?ve learned over 15 years training thousands of clients. This will radically boost your rate of progress and prevent unwanted injuries.
Free Bonus #2: MGS Composition Tracker 5000: This cutting edge, dummy proof software tracks your body-fat and lean muscle levels with easy to read charts and graphs that you can print out or view onscreen. This is an incredible way to monitor your progress and keep your motivation sky high.

Free Bonus #3: Uncensored Muscle Building Audio Course: In this 60 minute quick start audio guide you?ll hear absolutely everything you need to know about building muscle. I reveal all of my training secrets for the very first time and even unleash some information that nobody else wants you to know. This will open your eyes and blow your mind. And it might even get me in big trouble. But I?m willing to take the risk, to save you years of wasted time and frustration.
Free Bonus #4: Quick Meals for Fast Muscle Recipe Guide: Building muscle just got a whole lot easier. You get numerous meals and shakes that can be prepared in 10 minutes or less by even those with no cooking skills whatsoever. These healthy and delicious meals will help you pack on size rapidly while keeping your body-fat levels at a bare minimum.

Free Bonus #5: Lifetime Subscription to My Private Membership Site: This is the crown jewel of the program as it gives you direct access to me and some of my other world renowned colleagues to ask any and all of your training and nutrition questions. You will also be able to interact and chat with thousands of other members in our private forum, create your own training log, upload your pictures, get critiques and advice from the board and much more.

That?s It, I?m In! Just Tell Me How Much It?s
Gonna Cost and Where I Sign Up

I have some amazing news for you! Since I recently changed this to an e-book package, and there are no longer any printing or shipping costs, I was able to drastically reduce the regular price on the entire Muscle Gaining Secrets system from $247 all the way down to a one time payment of just $77!

Not only that, but you don?t have to wait 5-7 days for it to arrive, either. You can download the whole thing and get started in the next 10 minutes. You also get FREE updates for life whenever I make any new discoveries and changes to the program!

But don?t wait to order because this amazing price reduction won?t last long and will be going up to $197 very soon. This information is just too life changing to be giving away for so cheap. Those who have visited my site recently know that the price has already been raised so don?t procrastinate and miss out on this opportunity. If you come back tomorrow the price may be doubled.

And oh, yeah? just because I am so sure that you will experience mind blowing gains and will be so happy with your results I am offering you an?

Money Back Gaurantee Image8-Week, No-Risk, Unconditional
100% Money Back Guarantee!

I?m so confident that you will love this program and experience amazing results from it, that I?m willing to give you your money back if you aren?t entirely satisfied!
There?s absolutely no risk on your part, whatsoever!

Try out the entire system for up to 8 weeks, and if you?re not totally ecstatic about it then I want you to write and tell me and I will give you a prompt, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% full refund.

I can do this because all of my customers are building muscle faster than they ever dreamed possible. And I know you will too!

Ok, since I jam packed this entire package full of killer, muscle building tools, let me quickly recap EXACTLY what you are getting and will have access to, just two short minutes from now.

Secure No Risk Acceptance Form

YES! Jason, I can?t wait to get my hands on the ultimate mass building system and experience rapid new muscle growth, without steroids, starting TODAY!
I understand I will receive instant download access to the...
  • Muscle Gaining Secrets Program Manual- $97 Value
  • MGS Workout Guide- $67 Value
  • MGS Muscle Building Meal Plans- $67 Value
  • Lifetime Updates- Priceless
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee- Priceless

Plus, since I?m ordering before , I also get the following 5 gifts valued at $423.86 absolutely FREE:

  • MGS Exercise Database
  • MGS Composition Tracker 5000 Software
  • Uncensored Muscle Building Audio Course
  • Quick Meals for Fast Muscle Recipe Guide
  • Lifetime Subscription to MGS Private Membership Site

Total value of the entire Muscle Gaining Secrets System- $854.86

Limited time only sale price- $197 $77

I have absolutely nothing to lose and a ton of muscle to gain by using the MGS System. If this doesn?t get me excited about hitting the gym and getting big and ripped, nothing will.

Order Securely Online

The fastest way to order is with your credit card directly online using our real time server. Your order will be processed while you wait and once approved you will be given instant access to the program downloads, the private membership site, the audio course and the progress tracker software.

Click the button below to get started?

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Remember, just reading this page isn't going to help you build muscle and get the body you want; you have to take action. This system has already worked for thousands of people in more than 134 countries who have built massive amounts of muscular size and strength. Now you can too. Don't pass up this opportunity because chances are that if you decide to wait, you will never take action. This is your chance to change your life for the better, don't let it slip away.

I look forward to hearing about your success and will see you in the members area.

Your friend and coach,
 Jay Signature
Jason Ferruggia
Physique Transformation Specialist

P.S. Remember, to get the complete package and all the FREE bonus gifts at the limited time price of just $77 you must order by

P.P.S. Don?t forget my ironclad, 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase I will refund your money within 48 hours. There is no risk whatsoever. So what are you waiting for? Take action now and change your life today!

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NOTE: Muscle Gaining Secrets is a downloadable e-book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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