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Welcome to MyDishBiz.com Internet Opportunity.


The Hottest Home Computer Internet Opportunity In The USA!

Ordinary people from all over the United States, some with limited computer experience, are making money with our proven opportunity. How is this possible? Because everything is done for you, from advertising and selling to customer service when you join our opportunity! To prove to you how successful our easy-to-follow online opportunity is, we'll let you Test-Drive it Risk-Free for 60 Days!

We have spent years Researching, Designing, Testing and Perfecting our Fully Automated MyDishBiz.com opportunity. We'll plug you into our Money-Making Internet System within 15 minutes of joining.

Our opportunity was designed to help absolute novices to the Internet become successful and earn money online. Age is certainly no barrier. Whether in your teens, golden years of retirement, or somewhere in between you can make money

with us online.

Don't worry if you have no computer or internet experience. We're going to help you every step of the way. Starting the minute you join.

NO Financial Risk Whatsoever!

NO Personal Selling Is Involved!

NO Computer Experience Required!

NO Prospecting or Cold Calling! 

NO Costly Advertising To Do!

NO Pressuring Friends And Family!

NO Product To Ship Or Stock!

NO Internet Marketing Skills Needed! 

NO Monthly Membership Fees!

NO Boss To Take Orders From!


Here's how our proven and tested MyDishBiz.com

     money-making opportunity works in four simple steps!     


Step 1 Join MyDishBiz.com Internet Opportunity risk-free for 60 days - you have nothing to lose by joining today. You will receive complete affiliate support from the minute you join our opportunity. We are here to make you money!

Step 2 We'll set you up with your very own money-making DISH Network/VMC Affiliate Website offering DISH Network products and services today. Your website is already designed and ready to start making you money within 15 minutes of joining! Click here to see what your affiliate website looks like!

Step 3Every time your DISH Network/VMC Affiliate Website makes a sale online, you'll earn $120.00 - $135.00! Nearly every homeowner in the U.S. is a potential customer for our DISH Network Satellite offer. We'll provide complete customer service to all of your customers, so you don't have to email or talk to anyone. With nationwide Brand-Name recognition, Dish Network practically sells itself online... which means Big Bucks for YOU! Click here to calculate your potential affiliate website earnings!

Step 4This is the BEST STEP! We're going to help you advertise, promote, and market your DISH Network/VMC Affiliate Website online! Every day, for ONE-YEAR we'll send up to 50 visitors/potential customers to your affiliate website with our powerful banner advertising. Retail cost of this advertising is value up to $12,000!! Click here to see the online video site that we are going to advertise and promote your DISH Network/VMC Affiliate website on 24/7/365!

Plus, if you join our MyDishBiz.com opportunity today, we'll help you submit your affiliate website once a month for ONE YEAR to Yahoo and Google for FREE! These are the top two sites on the Internet today. Yahoo.com ranks #1 in internet traffic and Google.com ranks #2! Thousands of people search for Dish Network on these sites daily, which is great news for you. Getting your affiliate website listed on the two most popular search engines in the United States for ONE-YEAR is priceless!


You'll earn whopping $120.00 to $135.00 for every

sale your money-making affiliate website generates!


No other opportunity that we know of does the advertising for you... WHY? Because of the potential to lose financially, no other online opportunity known would be willing to advertise for you! In today's market, if a company's advertising plan would fail, it could bankrupt them in months. This is how confident we are that you'll make money with our successful MyDishBiz.com opportunity.

The key to making good money with our affiliate opportunity is to advertise your website. You could do this on your own and spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars advertising your website, or you can let us do it for you by joining MyDishBiz.com today.

Every day, for ONE FULL YEAR, we'll send up to 50 visitors/potential customers to your affiliate website with our effective banner advertising program on FubeTube.com. Let's say only 4% of the 50 visitors/potential customers purchase a DISH Network system from your affiliate website.

That would be 2 orders daily.

Multiply 2 orders by your $120 to $135 affiliate commission,

That Equals...

$240 to $270 a Day!

$7200 to $8100 a Month!

$86,400 to $97,200 a Year!

Join MyDishBiz.com today for only $29.95... Not $199.95!

Save $170.00 INSTANTLY if you join today... Tuesday, July 14


What do you get for a one-time fee of only $29.95...

Your personal money-making fully loaded autopilot DISH Network/VMC Affiliate Website. Your affiliate website is designed and ready to go within minutes of joining our program. Every time your affiliate website makes a sale online, you'll earn $120.00 - $135.00!

Targeted banner advertising on FubeTube.com - we'll send up to 50 visitors/potential customers to your personal affiliate website daily... this advertising is valued up to $1000 per month, if you try it on your own!

We will advertise your affiliate website online for ONE FULL YEAR on FubeTube.com. Retail value of this advertising is worth up to $12,000!! Also, you'll receive FREE advertising on and for ONE YEAR too if you join today.

We'll provide complete customer service to all of your customers, so you don't have to email or talk to anyone. Everything is done for you from advertising and selling to customer service!

Also, your one-time includes your affiliate website control panel, on which you can: Track your online sales daily. See how much traffic is coming to your affiliate website. We track page views and unique visitors for you. Plus, you can track your payment history, payment date, payment amount, and much more!

And most of important of all, the potential for YOU to earn up to... $86,400 to $97,200 a year from your Home Computer! See for yourself how much money you can make! Your income potential is virtually unlimited.

Plus, for joining MyDishBiz.com today you'll

receive these two incredible FREE BONUSES below!

**UPDATE: We have only 7 Vacation Resort Certificates left to give away for FREE on Tuesday! 

IMPORTANT: For the first 25 people who join our money-making MyDishBiz.com opportunity today, you'll receive a FREE 8 Day - 7 Night $2000.00 Condominium Vacation Resort Certificate from our travel agency that we are working with on this special promotion.

Best Of All, YOU PICK THE VACATION Out Of 600 Desirable Locations Worldwide!

EVERYONE who joins MyDishBiz.com today, will receive a F-R-E-E

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