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I'd like to tell you a story...

A story you might strangely relate to...Don’t be surprised.

Once upon a time there was a guy...A guy named Ryan. He fell madly in love with this particular girl....A girl he considered to be just perfect.....The one he could spend the rest of his life with....And fortunately enough the girl felt the same way towards him as well.

Things seemed to be going great between the two for the first few months just like any other normal relationship but then something just didn't seem right.....Oddly enough Ryan knew something was wrong yet didn't know what.

His girlfriend stopped spending time with him, started giving dry responses to questions and stopped being physically intimate with him. And then the unthinkable happened.

One day on the phone she goes:

Ryan! We need to talk...

Ryan was alarmed...His heart rate tripled...He could sense what was coming but didn't want to face it.

Then she goes- Things just aren't the same anymore...I guess we need to give each other some space.

She spoke in a soft tone but these words hit Ryan like an Atom Bomb.

He didn't know how to take it...Or more so what to make of it.

He didn't really understand what she meant by giving each other some space...And before he could ask her more questions she made an excuse about being very busy...said I have to rush and hung up!

Ryan desperately tried to contact her after that but his calls were never answered.

Poor Ryan did not have the love of his life anymore...Now he had a bag of heavy emotions to deal with and not the least of all a hurt self-esteem.

And this is where the famous THE END comes in!

Nice story huh?

Do you find this story familiar?

Probably something that happened with you recently?

Don't know about you but I sure do find this story familiar...You know why? Because I am the poor Ryan.

Yes, sadly enough this is my story.

But here is the good news....

I got her back!

And that's the reason why I strongly urge you to keep reading this letter to it's very last word as this might very well be the magic solution you have been desperately searching for all this time and probably the most valuable information you’ll ever read!

Trust me! I know what you are going through right now...How do I know? I've been there.

I know how hard it gets to get out of bed in the morning with a dark cloud of emotions hitting you from all ends...Trying to avoid everything which reminds you of your ex yet nothing seems to work.

And the most deadliest are the "WHAT IF'S" -

What if I never get to see her again?.....What if she has already moved on? What if she is dating someone else?

And the most heart wrecking of them all...

Is she sleeping with someone else?

And before you know it, you find yourself stuck in a deadly zone of desperation looking for ways to deal with the pain.


Are you going through an emotional roller coaster?

I have some good news for you...

Do you know that you can get your ex back even if the situation seems completely hopeless? May it be simple loss of interest, A no reason breakup or even situations as bad as "CHEATING"...Yes! You can still get your ex back even after you have gone through all this.

Here is the Reality-

Now let me give you a reality check...Have you ever seen couples get together after a breakup?

I am damn sure you must have!

Now let me ask you this...Have you ever seen couples reuniting even when one of the partners cheated and even worse...”GOT ABUSED".

Okay...Now you might be thinking I must be a freaking psycho or something!

Well...Not exactly! Hear me out here...

How can people let their ex back into their life...Even when there was abuse involved?

The fact is....

People patch up even when there is cheating or abuse involved in the relationship...Now I am not saying that's right or trying to justify abuse...All I am really saying is that no situation is impossible.

There is hope in all cases.


A concept you must understand-

You might be a guy or a girl...I don't really care. Your situation might be bad, worse or utterly scary...Trust me! It doesn't matter.

All I know is simply this- If thousands of people out there reunited with their ex even when the situation seemed hopeless what makes you think that you can't?

But the issue is that these people got together by pure luck or accident. They didn't really know how they did it.

Now picture this-

What if you could be shown a secret formula...A magical trick that would make your ex crawl back to you?

Look...What I am about to share is real world, field-tested mantra which can't fail. This kind of real world secrets would not fall into your lap every day.

Grab hold of this opportunity before it's too late.


I have a Fail Proof formula-

What you are about to read now is a little strange, so prepare yourself…

No matter how ugly your situation might be you can still get your ex back...Now I can almost see you sitting there saying- That's impossible...

Well I don't blame you...

When I was dealing with the breakup I had the same mindset....I could not see any possible way to get her back.....It was a hard pill to swallow but I thought it was the end of the road for me.

It actually made me uncomfortable...In fact I was driven absolutely crazy by the very fact that I might never see her again.

I couldn’t connect the idea of me having to face rejection like this...And worse without even knowing what really went wrong.

I understood that I could fill oceans with my tears but this situation wouldn’t resolve by itself...I had to take some ACTION...And that too fast.

How I Discovered The “Magic Formula”

As a kid I was always told that the best way to get somewhere in life is to follow people who have already been there.

So in short...Success leaves clues.

So I went around like a crazy maniac...Trying to figure out how to get her back.

I understood that the only way I will ever come to know how to solve this puzzle would be to get in touch with people who have already solved it. So I began my desperate search for people who reunited after a breakup...And to my pleasant surprise, there are thousands of such people out there.

I spoke to hundreds of people, Spent enormous amount of time with them to really get inside their minds to find out how they did it.

There wasn't a question I didn't ask...

There were times when people got so damn annoyed that they walked out on me...

I don't really blame them for not wanting to answer my questions....

The more people I spoke to...The more I noticed that they all followed the same formula...And that's the time when I had the real "aha" moment...The real "Light bulb" moment I had been desperately waiting for.

I felt disgustingly stupid over the fact that I had NOT SEEN what was going on… it was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. It REALLY blew my mind…

I had finally discovered the key to the lock....

It felt like I had discovered a secret no one ever saw...

And boy did it work...Trust me! This information is not Important....It's absolutely critical, Must-have, fastest and surest way for anyone who wants to get his/her ex back....Stop a breakup or divorce.

Are you skeptical?

Well If I was in your shoes...I would be too. Don't worry...I’ll show you guaranteed proof. Just keep reading.

Are you suffering from any of the following?

A sudden Loss of appetite?

Feeling extremely tired throughout the day?

Checking your email constantly to see if your exleft a message?

Having trouble focusing on your day-to-day work?

Going through an emotional roller coaster?

Checking their myspace/facebook or any other profiles to see how many friends they have?

Feeling extremely depressed?

Constantly thinking who they are dating at this point?

And the pain only goes up with each day...Which eventually leads you into further depression.


Are you making any of these deadly mistakes?

Do you constantly fear that maybe it's over forever and you might never get your ex back?

Do you act extremely nice and keep telling your ex how much you love them over and over again?

Try to argue over the fact that it wasn't really your fault?

Trying to convince them that you have changed this time?

Trying to constantly apologize for everything?

Calling them over and over again?

Trying to stalk or spy on them?

Trying to get in touch with his/her friends or relatives?

And the worst of it all...Trying to beg them to come back to you.

If you have done any or all of the above then you have done a real good job in pushing your ex further away already.

I don't mean to be rude here.

But if you have done any of the above then you have already pushed them further away.

Now let me tell you another thing...This is not your fault.

Really! Don't hit yourself hard thinking and re-thinking all the mistakes you have made till now...It’s really not your fault.

We don't come to this world with an instruction manual as to how to manage this stuff...We aren't taught relationships in school or college. This is primarily the major reason why so many people struggle in this area of life.

But it will all change for you TODAY! Means you'll never get blown out again in this area. EVER!


WARNING: These secrets are not for everyone!

Before you go any further...Let me strongly warn you. These methods are not for everyone.

So what's the point I am trying to make here?

To be honest with you...I had my jaw dropped to the floor when I realized the power of my methods. I shared it with one of my friends and he had his ex calling him like crazy within 9 days begging him to get back together.

But hey- Don't fight me on this one...But I am more worried than relieved at the power of these methods.

These methods can be misused very easily when put into the wrong hands. Ok! Now let me set something straight here. These methods are strictly not for- Criminals, Stalkers or people dealing with mental issues.

I am only sharing these secrets for people who really need it...Not those who want to misuse it. Okay!


This stuff works amazingly well!

I know there is a lot of hyped up B.S out there...But I can say it with a big EGO that the stuff you are about to discover is not easy to find.

Many relationship experts...Psychologists...charge $100+ per hour (for months and often years) but still can't get your ex back. Unless you have a fat bank account and thousands of dollars to waste...Going to them would be plain STUPID...Period.

Now let me ask you this- Can you learn to swim without getting into the pool?

No! Right?

So how can you ever expect these so-called experts who charge you thousands of dollars who've never been in the pool to teach you how to swim?

In other words, how can you expect a person to solve your issues unless they have been through it and successfully solved it themselves?

Really! Follow me here...

Would you rather go to someone who has real world experience or to someone who has a degree to his name and pretends to know it all?

Well I would go for the guy who has real world experience any day.

But before I go into any details, Let me say this...

I know Hard the To Find “X-Factor” That will give you the ultimate power to get your ex back almost instantly....I know this might sound strange, but you will only understand the real power of my method once you see it. I must tell you that...

I have the answer you have been desperately searching for...

I have the secrets to getting the guy or girl of your dreams back into your life...Even when you are the only one trying.

Since I cannot help you face-to-face...I have done the next best thing. I have put my magic secrets into an easy to follow, step-by-step manual.

Every aspect, from how to deal with the pain to exact steps you must take which will make your ex crawl back to you faster than you can imagine have been covered. These secrets are so important that, if ignored, will shatter your chances of ever getting your lover back.

Trust me! This is one chance you can't afford to miss...These are the secrets which are not taught in any class, discussed in any book or shared anywhere else. It's an absolute must know for you...Period.

So are you ready?


Here's some solid proof that my stuff works...Pay close attention Here...

I Guarantee That This Trick Will Change Everything You Have Heard, Seen Or Tried & Will Make Your Ex Chase You Around Like Crazy...

There is a famous saying which goes don't tell the world what you can do rather show them what you can do....Therefore what can be a better way of showing you what I am talking about works extremely well than showing you some free samples and testimonials from men and women that have already used these tricks successfully.

I am going to show you a rock solid technique you can use right away and get instant results...This technique is so effective that your ex will start missing you and will desperately desire you again right away!

Ready to get started?

Okay so let's get started...Do you know that humans normally have a tendency to take things for granted?

We don't really value the air we breathe but we only understand how important it is when we run out of it. So you see similarly your ex doesn't really value you at the moment because by chasing them around you have already shown them that you need them.

But you see the pain of loss is far greater than the pleasure of gain...Humans would do anything to save what they already have instead of gaining something new. I don't why it is this way but this is the way human psychology functions.

Therefore, what you are going to do now is create a sense of loss in your ex's mind where he/she would feel constant emptiness & a sense of anxiety...Pretty much like what you are going through right now.

Okay here is what I want you to do...I want you to get in touch with your ex via SMS or E-MAIL...Why SMS or E-MAIL? Well for the simple reason that your ex will always attend to your SMS or E-MAIL even when they have been trying to avoid you.

This is the message you must write in the text-


"Want to tell you that you were right about the breakup...I guess we do need space. Amazingly something wonderful happened recently...I guess when things happen they happen for a reason...You know what?"


Now this might sound incomplete with the final "You know what?" line.

But that is the big trick here...Leaving it incomplete will raise your ex's level of curiosity and he/she will get highly eager to know the rest of the message. Don't be too surprised if your ex calls you right away...

But this is where you need to be very careful...You should not return or attend their call right away...It is very important that you must follow through with my advice in my manual "Pull your ex back".

Now let me tell you why this would work...By sending this message, you are doing everything that would persuade them to desire you once again. You are indirectly telling them-

"You don't need them anymore" - This would seriously bother them as you have just told them that they don't have you anymore. Which would create massive feeling of loss within them...This will make them want you more than ever before.

"You are telling them that you have already moved on" - They would think how could you be over it so fast all of a sudden?

"You are telling them that the breakup didn't bother you that much" - The fact that it didn't bother you that much will bother them...They would find it hard to swallow the fact that you got over them so fast.

"By telling them that something wonderful recently happened in your life they would fear that maybe you already found someone else" - This will trigger their fear of loss to unbearable levels....And at the same time the fear that you have found someone else will emotionally push them to know more and more.


The Next Very Important Step...Read Carefully.

Not only can I finally say...but more importantly - PROVE That my stuff works like magic...

Now you will see magic unfold right in front of your eyes...I want you to listen very closely here...The guy/girl who was trying to avoid you all this time will literally be begging to have your attention after this point on...

After you have sent the above mentioned message...Your ex will probably call you or send you a message to know the rest...

In this case tell them that you have something important to say and would like to get on the phone...To which your ex cannot really refuse since he/she is already jumping up and down with curiosity to know the rest of the message.

Once you are on the phone with them...Make small conversation and then tell them that you have something really important you would like them to know...And then hesitate!


"Say...Ummm! Well! I don't know how to say this...But...I guess I shouldn't tell you...But...And then go quite"


At this your ex would probably force you...But hesitate a bit more & then say...Sorry...I don't think I should tell you...I gotta go! And then hang up! That’s it...no more and no less!

Don't drag it...Keep it short and hang up.

Now do you know what you have done? Well...surprise surprise!

Before your ex was just curious but now he/she would be burning with a compelling desire to know what you really wanted to tell them.

They would find it hard to relax and get over the fact that you had something to say but never said it...And why would this work? Well humans have a tendency to desire what they can't have...And that desire turns into a burning obsession with time.

There is another great saying which goes..."Keep them hungry and they will keep coming back".

Therefore now you have made your ex extremely hungry and he/she will keep coming back for more until you satisfy their hunger.

I am sure you are real excited by now...


But wait...Let me strongly warn you here.

This trick will work surprisingly well for you...BUT...

Doing this does not mean things will be smooth from this point on. You have to strictly follow the advice I have in my manual "Pull my ex back" to know what to do next. Trust me! This is one area you don't want to Screw around.

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Let me tell you what exactly I have in store for you....

REVEALED – An absolute must know secret to understanding how your mind functions which will help you get rid of those deadly “inner demons” that have been causing massive emotional pain. Now you can make your mind do exactly what you want it to do. (Page 9)

A Rock Solid way to get rid of the breakup pain within minutes. This is a step-by-step method to pull your self out of any depressed state no matter how intense it is and experience permanent pain loss (You don't want to miss this one). (Page 23)

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A fantastic “direct” approach to understand what your ex is thinking. How to finally figure out why your ex got rid of you in the first place...Once you know this, getting your ex back would feel seamlessly easy and effortless. (Page 33)

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Want to wipe out the past mistakes? Take back all the hurtful things you might have said? Re-gain his/her trust? I have A psychological trick that will make your ex forget your past mistakes and forgive you...This is so powerful that your ex will feel guilty if he/she doesn't forgive you. (Page 65)

Did you cheat? REVEALED... The One Secret that will provide you a very unfair advantage even when you know it was all your fault. I designed it so that every guy/girl who goes through it will see instant results...Even when you feel like it's all SCREWED UP! (Page 18)

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Answers to every question you have and the one's you haven't even thought of yet...I wanted to make sure that every question you have should be covered. I am serious. I left NOTHING out. (Ch 14)

An Absolutely vital decision you must make before thinking about getting back with your ex...You don't want to SCREW UP here! (Page 29)

And that's not even HALF of what I have in store for you....

I Personally Guarantee That The "Pull Your Ex Back" is the real deal....I will take you by the hand and show you exact Step-by-Step methods you need to take in order to get your ex lover back into your life.

Trust me! It simply can’t get better than this! And you know what? You can start reading the book 5 minutes from now and get started right away. Results can be seen and ENJOYED within minutes of starting. And listen to this...

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And know this....

Not only is my manual going to help you get your ex back...But it will also help you build a rock solid foundation for the rest of your life...From now on...You will never struggle with relationships....EVER!

Seriously! Think about it...What would it be really worth to you if you never have to deal with any relationship issues...Never having to deal with the Black Hole of negative emotions....THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?

Not only can I say...but more importantly - "PROVE that" my system works...See what other's are saying...

This is awesome! It worked...

"OMG! Thank you so much for creating this masterpiece. This has really opened my eyes! And to my surprise he called on the 8th day...Seems like he wants to get back now. You truly made me realize a lot of things which I would never have noticed all my life. Once again thank you soooo much"


Miami, United States


Works great even for Long Distance Relationships....

Hi, I just wanted to thank you and tell you that your book has totally changed my life. I had broken up with my girl friend of 3 yrs 4 weeks ago and ive gotta tell you this was the most difficult thing I ever had to deal with. After reading your book and following the advice I got an email from my girlfriend asking me how I was...I emailed her back the next day and she was real desperate to talk to me. We got on the phone and she cried for hours virtually begging to get back together. I have never felt so in control before in my life. I have to tell you I am really thankful to you for appearing when I really needed help. You are the man. Keep up the good work. Thanks.


Ontario, Canada

Dating once again....

Just an email to personally thank you for the great advice in your pull your ex back book. Have to tell you that I was a bit skeptical at first but now I truly understand how effective your advice is. Linda and I went out yesterday after 2 weeks of breakup and I just received a text from her telling me what a great time she had with me. I think it's all going to go very well from this point on. I picked up your book when I was at the peak level of depression and right now I am at the peak level of excitement. All thanks to you. Cheers.


New York, United States

Daniel begged me....

This is hard to believe. Daniel virtually begged me to take him back. It took me some time though but it's all worth the effort. The advice in your book works extremely well. The best $39 spent so far. Thanks a lot.


London, UK

“FINALLY!” something that works....

Boy I am surprised! I don't think there is any other book out there which makes the kind of revelations you have made in your book. I am truly surprised at the power of your methods. I spoke to my ex for 2 hours and she wants to move back in with me. It's been months since we talked like this. Things are finally starting to get back to normal. All thanks to you and your advice.


Chicago, United States

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Q: When will I receive "Pull your ex back" Manual?

You will receive the book right away after order....It's an e-book in PDF format...that means you can instantly download it to your hard drive and start reading 5 minutes from now....How easy is that? Nothing is sent to your home and you will be billed by "ClickBank" for your privacy. Your transaction will be 100% secure and private.

Q: What if for some reason it doesn't work for me?

As far as my experience goes that is next to impossible....By reading my manual you'll be giving yourself an "unfair advantage"...If for some reason it doesn't work for you or you are not satisfied for any reason I want you to get a full refund....And on top of that you have full 60 days to test and decide. Isn't that just great?

Q: How fast will I get results?

One of my students got back with her ex within 6 days of applying my tactics...Typically; I see most of my students getting results within the first week or so.

Q: What if I cheated? Will it still work for me?

You can still get him/her back quite easily...Yes it might take a bit of time but with my advanced step-by-step system results are guaranteed.

Q: What if I have some extra questions about "Pull your ex back"?

No problems! In fact, that would be even better....

I would love to assist you personally if you have any extra questions. You will be provided special contact details in the manual where you can easily get answers to any questions you might have.

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I don't mean to scare you or anything...But stats show that the longer you wait the harder it would become to get your ex lover back.

I am going to be honest with you here...Humans are impatient...They really are! You never know when your ex might find someone new and settle down. You see at this point of time...I don't think you should wait one more second.


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PPS Here are a few more E-Mails I got from my readers....


This is a must read for everyone...

Ryan I have to say your book is a must read for all who are trying to get their ex back. The more that I use the tricks and techniques that you wrote in your book, the more my ex runs after me. It's amazing. Who knew that you could actually learn and master this area of life. I never felt so enlightened in all my life. I would love to meet you if you ever come to chicago...Looking forward to it. Thanks once again.

Dave. M

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I am glad I came across your book...

You are the best! I’ve never felt more in charge of my life. Right since the day I started reading your book till now it's been nothing but wonderful. My whole point of view on the situation changed and my ex has been calling me like crazy. I haven't even used half your strategies and I am already seeing massive results. Best money I ever spent! Thanks a ton.



You are a magician...

Its workinggggg!!!! Dude your tricks are magic. I didn't even show interest in getting back yet and she is already saying we should give it another shot. I'll keep you updated on what happens next. Thank you!



Download Pull Your Ex Back Manual


Back together....

Guess what? Me and matt are back again. Thanks a lot for your advice yet AGAIN!!!!!



OMG! It's working....

We started talking again. She told me breakup was a massive mistake and wants to go out this Friday. Man I am sooo EXCITED! Thank you so much for your wonderful book.



Back together in 5 days...

Hello sir! I bought ur book a few days ago and Have to tell you I am already back with my ex. [Removed due to personal details]


Download Pull Your Ex Back Manual


Married again FINALLY...

I seriously thought there was no hope left for me and my wife. She wanted to get rid of me at all costs. I was in more pain than I can possibly describe. I followed the advice in your book and cindy and I are back again. Dude you're a genius. Thank you for saving me.



One word- AMAZING...

I already have wonderful news for you! I never would have thought it was possible for him to come back after 3 months. And guess what? He called me last night and wants me to forget the past and start all over again. I thank you for all of your great information.



Download Pull Your Ex Back Manual


She made the first move....

Just came back from a wonderful date with my ex and she wants to get back together...You know [Removed due to personal details]

Dave K


She told me how much she's been missing me all this time...

Me and my ex have been apart so long that I didn't even think getting her back was even possible. I used some of the tricks mentioned in the book and it worked like magic. She told me how much she missed me all this time and how bad she wants to be with me again. We are going on a date again tommorow and I am very excited.

T.J. Jackson


We spoke for hours last night...

Hi ryan, I just wanted to give you my thanks for your fantastic plan. I didn't believe that such a thing would be even possible but I was truly amazed at how fast it got me results. My ex boyfriend talked to me for several hours last night and it was one of those wonderful conversations where you can keep going for hrs. He is very keen to get back together. Thank you so much.



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Your stuff is pure magic...

...just an email to say thanks for the wonderful advice. I wish I had read your book earlier. I could have saved so much time I wasted on dealing with the pain and emotions for years. Your instant shift technique really helped me deal with the pain. I finally understand how to be in control now. Thanks a ton.



Planning a holiday together...

Just wanted to thank you for all your help! Have been regularly talking to my ex now and she wants to forget everything that happened and wants to go on a holiday with me. I couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you so much for sharing this stuff!

J. Scott

Download Pull Your Ex Back Manual


You are the best...

I can't even describe how greatful I am to have come across this material. Not only did I get my ex back but now he has become much more loving and appreciative towards me. I highly recommend your book. Thank you so much.



Back Together...

Didn't know it was this easy. Yes you are right this stuff should be taught in schools. Me and my ex have patched up again. I thank you for all the great information.



Download Pull Your Ex Back Manual


My Ex-Girlfriend Is Chasing Me...

My ex girlfriend dumped me last summer telling me she didn't love me anymore. I couldn't get over the pain and it was affected other areas of my life very badly. I recently ordered your book and started to realize what I had been doing wrong. I used your techniques and made all the changes....All of a sudden she acts all interested in me again and kept on asking me who I am dating at the moment. I stuck to your advice and now she is chasing me around. The tables have truly turned. This is totally thrilling. I am enjoying every bit of it. I am not sure whether I want her back or not but this time I know I am in control.

Jeff T.


My ex finally spoke to me...It was absolutely phenomenal...

Hello Ryan! All I can say is that you know exactly what they're doing and you've blown my mind for the last few days. My ex is talking to me again. It's been incredible. wow I feel like I could take over the world if I just put my mind to it. Thanks for showing me the way.



Download Pull Your Ex Back Manual


I highly recommend this book...

This is an amazing book. He really addresses every possible issue one if having in this area. This is an absolute must read.



I wish that this had been available when I was younger...

This is a well rounded book from the start to finish. There are so many mistakes I have made all these years with my relationships. It's like I have a map and a plan to follow. Now I can't ever feel clueless or stuck ever again. This was the best thing I've read in a very long time, I'd advise it to everyone...



Ex wants to see me this sunday...

Howdy. Just an email to let you know that your advice worked really well. Sam wants to go out this sunday. Let's see how this goes. Have my fingers crossed...



Download Pull Your Ex Back Manual


Can't Believe This Worked so well...

My wife had decided to breakup. She left me with a note on the table that it was over. I was crushed to pieces. I followed your plan and now she's almost begging me to take her back. You are awesome. Thanks a lot.



She Came To Me...

Hey man!!!!!!!!She came to me and told me how much she has been missing me all these days. She even tried to make me jealous thinking it will work. Your book is remarkable. I am absolutely sure this will help a lot of people.



It REALLY Works...

First of all, I'd like to express my thanks for your book. I have successfully won back my ex. Last night he told me that I have changed a lot and he wants to be back together. You are amazing. Thanks.



Download Pull Your Ex Back Manual



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