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Why isn't my PC as fast as it used to be?

When you buy it, a computer always runs fast. But then it slows down, freezes and suffers errors.

The reason for this bad behavior is the Windows Registry, a library of commands that will inevitably become disorganized. The more a computer is used, the more that entries are added to, taken from or modified in the Registry. No matter how careful you are, the general use of a PC will result in slower speeds, unexplained crashes, and nonsensical error messages.

Is my computer in need of a tune up?

Like all machines, computers need routine maintenance to keep their performance edge.

Installing and un-installing software augments the Registry. Connecting hardware, changing user settings, updating drivers: all of these add entries that, at first, are well managed and organized. Over time, however, the order breaks down, creating a jumble of commands and mis-matched settings. Left unchecked this disorder can lead to system errors and computer crashes!

Designed for Windows 98/ME/XP/2000 & VISTA

All systems that run a Windows™ Operating System, have a Windows Registry. The registry is a library that holds system configurations. These include software and hardware configurations, as well as user preference settings and computer setup data.

What is the Windows registry?

The Windows Registry is a vast and complicated library of settings. Like the file system that holds folders and files, the Registry is an organized hierarchy of data, but instead of holding files, the Registry holds individual settings. These settings constitute commands, such as those that tell software how to communicate with hardware, and they constitute preferences, such as individual user settings, Windows settings, and hardware profiles.

How does something I never touch suffer errors?

While the Registry is necessary to keep a computer running, it does suffer errors. These errors are caused by various unavoitable forces; that is, they occur in the regular course of using a PC. When a program is installed or un-installed, it adds entries to the Registry. When hardware is connected or drivers updated, it adds more entries. These processes are automatic, but sometimes things don't go right. If a Registry entry is duplicated accidentally, it causes problems. Similarily, if an entry that links two programs isn't updated, the computer gets "confused." Over time, these mis-allocations mount up, causing more and more problems.

How can I tell if my Windows Registry is corrupt?

The most tell-tell sign of a corrupt Registry is the appearance of error messages. These alerts often seem nonsensical, but are notices that Windows has tried to execute a command and has failed. The consistent “confusion” that the computer encounters multiplies over the course of months, when you start to see outward signs of corruption: performance slows down and the PC takes a long time to boot up. If the problems persist, you start to see computer crashes and computer freezes.

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Symptoms that your Registry is Corrupted: Things that Cause a Registry to become Corrupted:
• Slow performance
• Hardware malfunctions
• Computer freezing
• Windows errors
• System crashes
• Frequent installation and un-installation of programs
• Malfunctions in the install or update process
• Connection and Disconnection of Hardware
• Unused and corrupted drivers
• Frequent alteration of user settings

What does RegTOOL do?

RegTOOL is a utility designed to address all the problems that cause Registry errors. It assess the Registry and, once it finishes, cleans any detected problems. It does this by isolating duplicate entries, or un-linked entries and then rectifying them. Using a smart-heuristics cleaning technique, RegTOOL can excise errors while also preserving the integrity of the Registry: a perfect balance of performance and protection.

Can I fix the Registry by hand?

Cleaning the Registry takes two things: time and care. Tech supports are commissioned to clean the Registry daily. They don't mind because it takes time to pinpoint and fix errors, scrolling through hundreds of numerically named entries, time that they can charge for. Then there's care. The Registry doesn't have a recycle bin where deleted files are stored. When an entry is deleted, it's gone forever.

We advise against altering the Registry by hand because we care about the integrity of your system. Don't run the risk of causing irrevocable damage to your computer. Instead, use RegTOOL as a way to safeguard your system risk-free.

RegTOOL not only does in seconds what it takes a tech hours to do, but it backs up the Registry through image snapshots. Its smart-heuristics will seek out and clean the registry with a single click of the mouse, saving you time, money and worry.

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