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True Story: From Rags To Riches

Hi, my name is Scott Laevy and yes... I used to be a garbage man.

I CAN teach you how to earn thousands of dollars from the comfort of your home using just your computer and internet connection.

No technical knowledge or experience is required. I will teach you everything you need to know to be successful.

But, before I tell you how to start earning money from the comfort of your own home, let me tell you a little bit about myself, and how I got here....

I had dreams just like everyone else, I wanted to live the life of luxury. I wanted my own house with a fancy sports car and a fast boat I could enjoy. I didn't want to live my life like a movie star, but I did want to have money and toys and enjoy life.

But things do not always work out the way you dream.

I got fired after 7 years from a decent paying job. I figured I would be ok and find another job. I spent months searching for a good job. Everytime I thought I found something good it turned out to be taken, or I was considered "unqualified".

At this point my bank account was empty, my credit cards had been maxed out. Credit collectors called me all hours of the day prying me to pay back my debts.

This was terrible, how did I ever get myself into this situation I thought? My friends started ignoring my phone calls, and no on seemed to care that I fell down a pit and hit bottom.

Then I said enough is enough I will take the next job I see. I figured I hit bottom, and I could not fall any further. The only thing left to do is pull myself out of this pit even if it killed me.

So as I sat in my apartment trying to find a job I saw a garbage truck picking up trash in my complex. On the side was a banner that said now hiring. So I called the number right away and told them I wanted to work as soon as possible.

I had an interview setup and went in thinking to myself.... oh my god I am about to become a garbage man... I made fun of those guys my entire life, now look at me!

Sure enough they needed some good pick up guys and I guess I qualified. I took some safety courses and before I knew it I was picking up your trash.

The first few weeks seemed awesome. I drove around on the garbage truck finding all sorts of treasures people threw away. Occasionaly I would grab copper piping to bring into the recyling plant. They paid a decent penny for those copper pipes.

Then my route was switched. I went from collecting garbage in a city neighborhood to collecting garbage in the suburbs.

Picking up garabage at these houses made me depressed. Here I was standing on the curb throwing away someones garbage who was living the life I wanted.

At times I would catch myself staring at these massive houses, luxury cars, and stay at home parents.

How In The World Can People Afford Those Houses I Thought To Myself!

I would drag myself from house to house just thinking about living inside one of those places, driving that fancy sports car, or just sitting on the lawn enjoying the day.

I caught myself day dreaming as I heard someone yelling "HEY HEY WAIT I HAVE SOME MORE GARBAGE FOR YOU GUYS!"

Sure enough here comes this young "kid" probably 26 rolling a garbage can and a bag full of something out of this huge house. The house must have been 3,500 sq feet or more.

He brought the garbage can to the curb and we dumped it in, then he threw a bag at me. I dropped the bag because I wasn't expecting it to weigh as much as it did.

(some of the books I received from this young punk)

He then said wait, before you throw that out why don't you take it home and read it... and then laughed and said oh yeah you're a garbage man you dont know how to read... and walked away.

I was ready to pound that kids face in, but I was on the job. I needed to keep my cool. So guess what I did... I took that bag of books home with me.

That Was The Most Important Day Of My Life, And Changed Me Forever!

After a long week of exhausting garbage collecting I finally had a day off. I woke up and decided to finally take a look at some of those books in the bag the guy was throwing out.

As I pulled them out I thought to myself these are all garbage, no wonder he was throwing them out. One by one I pulled them out disgusted at what I had saved..... Self Hypnosis, Self Help, Dummies Guide To The Internet, Marketing Tactics.... blah blah blah.

I was not interested in self help, or any Internet stuff. For crying out loud I didn't even have a high speed internet connection. I was still using dial up.

Then as I was taking the books out to the trash a small looking brochure fell out. This brochure was hand written and had a ton of notes all over it.

I decided this was some sort of manuscript and thought this might be interesting.

The first thing that caught my eye was the page that said "Daily Sales Reports"

$24,000+ In Two Weeks?
The Sales Reports Had Days With $500 in sales, and others with $2,300+ in sales. I almost fell to the floor. Was this real?

Actual Scan Of Daily Sales Report (Wrinkled Because I found it in the garbage!)

I decided to spend the next few hours trying to decipher this manuscript. The writting was bad and things were in no particular order.

Eventually I was able to make sense out of the manuscript. It turns out this guys accidentally threw out his business plan that bought him a $500,000+ house and sports cars. This was my golden ticket. My key to the life I have always wanted!

What I Had Sitting In My Hands Was Worth Millions Of Dollars!

I immediately put this business plan into action. I had NO computer skills whatsoever. I was lucky I knew how to turn the thing on.

I visited the websites mentioned in the manuscript. Setup my membership and followed the manuscript word for word.

Before I knew it I was making money!

Here is the commission report from my initial test:

As you can see the initial testing day earned me an unbelievable $2,320 in commissions!

Now this is my VERY first test, and it dropped off right away because I was not doing everything correctly.

The system is now 100% tweaked, and I can now maintain consistent commissions!


I Tested This System With One Of My Friends

I thought this was WAY to easy to be true, so I had to share this secret with someone. I decided to give this system to one of my friends. I told him out right that I found this manuscript in the garbage and think it could help us make some money.

So I sent him off with the decoded version of the manuscript, some of my tips, and a goodluck hand shake.

I was not expecting anything great from this, I figured I just hit a lucky spell and made a some money and thats all I would ever make.

But then a few nights later my phone rang, and it was my friend. He told me he setup the system and managed to pull in over $1,500 since I showed him the manuscript.

$1,500 In Three Days!

I could not even speak, I sat their thinking to myself I have to be dreaming. Here are two people who have absolutely no computer skills and we are making money online!

Two Non Geeks Make It Big Online

Two Hours Per Week Equals Huge Pay Checks!

So over the next few weeks we tweak things here and there and make our system so efficient that I only have to be on the computer for about 2 hours a week.

We then decide to give the system another test to make sure we are not dreaming.

I walk over to my neighbors house and tell him about a scheme to make money online. He replies, yeah sure I have seen all of those schemes.

Then I explain to him how I want him to try my manuscript program. He shugs and says what the hell I will give it a shot.

I don't say anything else but hand him the manuscript and leave.

A week later I get a knock on my door. There is my neighbor handing me a check for $3,534.29

He says I deserve it, and I should not share my system with anyone else.

But as I tell him how we can help thousands of people quit their jobs and live the life they always dreamed of he said I am in, lets help everyone who wants to make extra money from home live their dream!

UPDATE: Here Is a Recent Screenshot Of My Daily Earnings

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To Your Success,

Scott Laevy


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