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Success Story #1: Steven Sexton


"I do not think you could possibility find a better choice for learning Chinese and you will not waste your time or money searching for what you want, Rocket Chinese has it all."

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SteveI have so many things to say about Rocket Chinese I don't know where to start.


How about the beginning.


I have been interested in learning Chinese for a year now. I have five programs, three I obtained for free and two I paid for. Of the three I found for free, one came from my local library, I didn't feel bad about making a copy because they are public domain, two I down loaded from the Internet and there was no charge.


They are all good programs, I know because I am very critical and skeptical due to the numbers of programs available, I felt I could go broke trying to find a good teaching program for learning Chinese.


Of the two programs that I bought one was from a University and one is the Rocket Chinese language course. The one from the University is good, but I expected much more form a University language course and it is no where near as comprehensive as Rocket Chinese, but to keep things honest, I paid less for the University course. I feel fortunate to have found Rocket Chinese and I bought the course after being my usual skeptical critical self, and partaking in the Rocket Chinese free sample lessons. After the sample lessons I was hooked and I am still.


The greatest benefit for me was the grammar part, because in the other lessons if the person I was trying to communicate with did not follow the sentence structure of the course material, I was totally lost. With Rocket Chinese I learned how the sentence were structured so I could then structure my own sentences, wow what a difference, oh yes, I still have a ways to go, but I am no longer a parrot, I'm a student. For the first time I feel like I can go to class, My computer that is, study and then go out into the world and apply what I have learned.


So what will you get out of the Rocket Chinese learning package, I don't know that's up to you. what I want to tell you is, learn from the year I spent searching for a complete learning course that will give you a fun exciting way to learn Chinese in a class room like setting and then start speaking Chinese right away and increase you knowledge at your own pace. You will learn the words, the sentence structure, the characters, and the culture of China so you will understand why you are saying the words you are saying.


I do not think you could possibility find a better choice for learning Chinese and you will not waste your time or money searching for what you want, Rocket Chinese has it all.


Steven Sexton,
CA, United States


The critics just LOVE Rocket Chinese


Here's what they have to say...


If you want to be speaking fluent Mandarin Chinese just months from now then Rocket Mandarin Chinese is for you. Scientifically perfected to teach you Mandarin Chinese in the shortest time possible Rocket Mandarin Chinese is responsible for creating more new Mandarin Chinese speakers than any other program in this review


Rocket Chinese is one of the most user friendly Chinese learning programs available.

Rocket Chinese starts at a very basic level, but you will quickly advance as you go through the course. It also includes fun games to reinforce your learning. The course is designed to provide very fast results for people serious about learning Chinese from the comfort of their own home.


The Rocket Chinese course is extremely thorough and well planned out. It is the most effective Interactive Audio instruction course for Chinese I have seen ever. And the Audios are the best I've seen on any program.


Rocket Chinese is an Interactive Audio course that makes you want to study. The audio portions are clear and they are a good speed for the newcomer and the texts are fun and entertaining as well, it's interesting and practical!


Rocket Chinese is our top pick Home Study Learning Course for mastering Mandarin Chinese. The training package is designed to involve all human senses to speed up the learning process so you can read, listen to and speak in Mandarin Chinese fluently and confidently in a very short period of time.


When taking into consideration the quality of the material presented in the course, the methods used to teach the material, the software that is included and the support offered in the members only forum, it is very easy for me to highly recommend this course.

I award the Rocket Chinese program my highest rating of 5 stars. If you want to learn Chinese, then in my opinion you owe it to yourself to check out this Rocket Language program.


My vote for the top Chinese learning program goes to the "Rocket Chinese", I loved their mp3 lessons and software. You can read more about it in my full review below, but make sure to visit their website and check out their stuff. It is well worth the time.


I award the Rocket Chinese? program my highest rating of 5 stars. If you are wanting to learn Chinese, then in my opinion you owe it to yourself to check out this Rocket Language program.


Rocket Chinese offers a fun and affordable way to learn Mandarin with their interactive software games and 31 audio lessons. Rocket Chinese also cost $100??s less. You??ll find that learning Mandarin is as easy as child??s play. You can learn on the go with the audio lessons and, with the Rocket software games, you can study in the comfort of your own home.

Just imagine, by using Rocket Chinese, you??ll be speaking Mandarin in as little as four weeks.|


The Rocket Chinese language program is suited for people looking to learn practical, everyday, conversational Chinese. The lessons are centered round real world situations making the learning process meaningful. Rocket Chinese sells for $99.95, about the price of an introductory community college course. It is nearly $200 dollars cheaper than the industry leader and in, in my opinion, superior on many different levels. As both a professional educator and Chinese student myself I am happy to endorse Rocket Chinese.


Rocket Chinese is an online language course that will teach you quickly and easily how to speak Chinese confidently. In as little as 8 weeks, you could easily be able to speak Chinese in a conversational setting ... Rocket Chinese takes all the frustration, difficulty and headache out of your practice time ... and is definitely worth the investment in money, time and energy.


There is not a company online who packages a language product quite like theirs. As much as I love to say something bad about everything I review, I can't do it here. There is nothing about this product that isn't 100% professional and top notch.


I've been trying out the Rocket Chinese course for a few weeks now and I have to say I'm quite impressed. If you follow through all the audio lessons as suggested, you will learn to speak Chinese. It's a great program to set you on your way or to cement your first year of study. Is it all it's cracked up to be? In a word - YES!


EzineArticles Contributors:

This course is my top most recommendation for anybody who wants to master the Chinese language. Designed as a course to take you from novice level to an intermediate level in less than eight weeks, this stuff delivers the best course you can find for the price. Learning a new language has never been as easy or as fun with an incredible array of tools, audio lessons, and games.


If you are looking into Rocket Chinese, I would definitely recommend it. It's an interactive course that doesn't make learning Chinese feel like work ... I really like being able to practice conversations with fluent speakers. This helps me learn vocabulary in practical everyday situations. This is really good training for the real world. The course also uses modern Chinese that people use today. You're taught what you need to know to have a conversation with someone in Chinese. For these reasons, this program is an extremely applicable style of teaching that you can do on your own.


Lin Pin

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I would like to thank you personally for the 6 Day Course. I must say that it was really a learning experience for me and I have certainly learnt a lot. You have made learning a lot more easier for me. I would take this experience everywhere I go...
- Kumarie Badal, (TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)


I am having a great time with your course! Thank you so much for designing a program that forces one to think... and not just try to memorize words and or phrases. I especially like how you have brought out lessons in grammar in a way that is usable immediately and not overwhelming.
- Valerie Menconi, (U.S.A)




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